About Us - Our Racing History

HWM Aston Martin has a remarkable history. In 1951, we were appointed an official Aston Martin dealer, having spent the previous 13 years constructing and racing cars. Since that day, we have sustained a commitment to excellent customer service, an obsessive approach to car servicing and an enthusiasm for these beautiful cars. We can proudly say we are the world’s longest-servicing and most experienced Aston Martin dealership.

After 60 years of maintaining, selling and driving Aston Martin cars, we are happy to call ourselves experts on the subject. Today, with many more cars to choose from, we are still equally devoted to the unique charm and quality of this special British manufacturer. We believe this enthusiasm is the root of our success in the industry. Our passion is as alive now in all of our team members as it was back when we started.

Our experience with iconic British motoring does not stop with our showroom; our rich history of constructing Formula One and Two racing cars means that motorsport and racing remains in our hearts. Our passion for streamlined sports cars was practiced on the race track, giving us an invaluable first-hand experience in what it takes to build a fantastic and exhilarating car.

After 60 years, we are still the same family-owned and managed business that began all those years ago. Our commitment to offering the most attentive and accommodating customer service has remained unwavering. Whether you wish to look a bit closer at our range or find out about our flexible finance offers, it is our priority to fulfil any need you may have.

Not only do we have the most recent Aston Martin cars in our showroom in a variety of trim options but we also sell Approved Used cars. All of our pre-owned cars are maintained by the latest diagnostic equipment and available in flexible monthly payment packages.

We know that accidents can happen which is why we use a state-of-the-art servicing facility to perform repairs, MOTs and health checks, among other services. Our manufacturer-trained technicians are experienced and enthusiastic and will help to keep your Aston Martin in the best possible condition.

We think it is only fitting to accompany a special car with an outstanding service experience. Contact us today via phone or email if you have any further questions and one of the team will be more than happy to help. We look forward to welcoming you to the iconic HWM Aston Martin showroom.