Frequently Asked Questions

What does HWM stand for?

HWM stands for Hersham and Walton Motors. We were established in 1938.

Who owns HWM?

HWM remains a privately owned business rather than being part of a large dealer group. The business is owned by Andrew Harting (executive chairman) and Guy Jenner(ceo).

How long has HWM been an Aston Martin dealership?

HWM has represented Aston Martin since 1951, making us the oldest Aston Martin dealership in the world.

How about Aston Martin servicing?

We have also provided Aston Martin servicing and supplied Aston Martin parts since 1951. We have a tremendous amount of expertise in our business and will happily provide support on heritage Aston Martins and modern era Aston Martins.

How much is it to service an Aston Martin?

We provide menu price servicing that makes Aston Martin ownership a very sensible prospect. Within our website you will be able to find menu pricing but you are also welcome to call us for advice on pricing and further things to know about owning a modern or heritage Aston Martin.

Can I have my Aston Martin serviced at home?

Yes, HWM can arrange to come out to you to carry out your annual service. Please call our service team and we will talk you through the logistics.

Can I extend the warranty on my Aston Martin?

Yes, our service team are fully trained to guide you through the benefits and key features of the Aston Martin extended warranty.

Are Aston Martin’s reliable?

Aston Martin’s are an ultra-low volume, hand built car. They are put together beautifully and have a wonderful finish. Nevertheless, a hand-built car is inevitably higher maintenance to own than a typical mass-produced car. More than anything, Aston Martin’s like to be used and this tends to keep them running better than having them sit, dormant year after year. Overall, their core reliability is very good. Modern era Gaydon built cars (DB9, Vantage, DBS, DB11 etc) are particularly robust and whilst they suffer the odd niggle, it is a rare day that they let you down. We can, of course, provide plenty of advice and assist you with Aston Martin ownership. We aim to keep the whole experience cost-effective.

Can you get children in the back of an Aston Martin?

It depends which model. The Vantage is strictly a two seater. DB11 and DBS have small rear seats. It is best that you come to visit us to check that they are suitable. DB11 and DBS Superleggera have an improved level of cabin space over previous generations. The final sports car to consider for rear seat space is the Rapide model line. This is an absolutely superb option that offers four doors, more rear seat space and a larger boot than any of our other models or any other sports car in this sector. The most important thing to know about Rapide is that it really is superb to drive and should not be considered a saloon car dynamically.

Should you not wish to buy a sports car, the DBX offers an exceptional level of interior space and comfort whilst delivering an incredibly dynamic drive.

Which Aston Martin is best for tall drivers?

Of the sports car range, if you are over 6ft 3inches (190cm), all of our latest models offer more than enough space in the front. It is worth watching the product videos on our specific model pages that cover interior space. DBX naturally brings a new level of practicality for an Aston Martin. It will comfortably accommodate extremely tall adults in the front and rear.

Which Aston Martin has the largest boot space?

The Vantage is a surprising practical car, particularly in coupe format. It has a very large boot aperture, a big boot and the opportunity to load through. Naturally, the Rapide and DBX offer great flexibility, particularly with folding seats. It is worth noting that folding seats became an option on some later Rapide models.

Can I fit golf clubs in the back of an Aston Martin?

You should be able to fit most golf bag options in our cars from Vantage to DBS Volante. Please call us for further advice.

Is it safe to park an Aston Martin on the street?

It is, of course, impossible to guarantee the safety of your Aston Martin when parked on the street. What I would say is that in our experience, the general public are very respectful of Aston Martin. The cars have a wonderful brand image that is perhaps a little more reserved than other brands present in this market place. It is therefore extremely rare that we have a car arrive with malicious damage.

Can you source a used Aston Martin for me?

Yes, we have an enormous database of customers so will always do our best to track down a suitable car for you.

Can I reserve a car?

If you there is a car in our stock that you wish to reserve, we require you to leave a reservation fee to take the car off the market. With our used cars, this can also be done via our website.

If I am enquiring about a car for sale, does that mean that the car is off the market until our conversation is concluded?

It is likely that we are having multiple conversations on every car that we have in stock. It is therefore impractical to hold a car off the market during an enquiry. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about a car being sold, you can hold it with a reservation fee. This fee can be refunded should you not go ahead with the transaction. Please note that it is possible to reserve our cars on line and therefore a car can be sold “live” at any point.

What is the fastest Aston Martin?

The fastest road Aston Martin to date has been the Aston Martin One-77 which is conservatively stated at 220mph. The Aston Martin Valkyrie is likely to have a higher top speed again but it’s real forte is getting around a race track.

What is the most powerful Aston Martin?

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is the most powerful Aston Martin road car, rated at 1,160hp.

Which Aston Martin has the most torque?

The Rapide E has the highest torque rating of any Aston Martin road car at 950nm. It also has a very flat torque curve which makes it’s punch breath-taking!

Do Aston Martin’s depreciate quickly?

Each model is different in the Aston Martin range. Their depreciation rate and depreciation curves are also different. We would be happy to provide you with advice. It is interesting to see how markets and demand change. These can be difficult to predict both positively and negatively. For example, we sold the last 3 DB4GT Zagatos new in the 1960’s. These £6,000 cars were very difficult to sell at this point and demand was low. Today they are worth millions and have proven a remarkable investment. Feel free to speak to our team. Aston Martin have also worked very hard on managing supply in recent years. This has supported resale values extremely well. We are happy to have a frank and open conversation about ownership costs and depreciation.

Which Aston Martin is the best investment?

It is perhaps worth reading our previous question. A car can sometimes prove to be a wonderful investment. When privately owned, the appreciation does not attract Capital Gains Tax and as an asset class, they have consistently performed well. We can certainly help give an opinion but the market does work in mysterious ways! It should be said that Aston Martin still make cars in extremely low volumes compared to other models. One should always treat a car purchase (if intended to be an investment) as a very long term ownership prospect. We have seen some customers enjoy some remarkable gains over the years. Nevertheless, there have been periods where values for all special cars have softened dramatically.

Can you modify an Aston Martin?

We can certainly help with modifications. The manufacturer warranty should always be considered. This could be anything from cosmetic enhancements and subtle tweaks to substantial changes, personalisation and performance increases. We also provide a range of sports exhausts to enhance the already incredible sound of your Aston Martin.

Deals on Aston Martin?

We are always happy to talk figures with customers and find a way to make the numbers work. HWM is one of the busiest Aston Martin dealerships in the world. We are commercially minded and want to build long term relationships. We have survived since 1951 by forming long term bonds with our customer and providing great service and importantly, all at the right price.

Do Aston Martin owners buy their cars on finance?

Most of the car market is driven by great finance packages. They are an efficient way to buy a car and a great way to control depreciation. It is also allows owners to use their capital to work harder elsewhere.

How much is it to lease an Aston Martin?

You will find on our offers page some sample finance figures for some of our cars. There are many different ways to set up deposit levels and lengths of a agreements. It is no problem to run some finance examples for you, just speak to one of our team.

Can you finance or lease a used Aston Martin?

Yes, absolutely. There are some finance examples on the used car pages on our website but you are also welcome to call our team to discuss the options.