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Andrew Harting – Chairman

Andrew Harting - Chairman

How did you get involved with Aston Martin?

Before joining HWM I had worked as a lawyer for 16 years. I was an Aston Martin owner, driving my beloved DB7 Volante into the city every day. Over the years, I had kept a watching brief over the business, attending a number of Aston Martin events and conferences. In 2002 I took over the running of HWM full time. I joined with a love of Aston Martins, a deep respect for a successful family business and the faith that DB9 and Vantage, then still projects, would be transformational to the brand and our business.

What is your favourite Aston Martin and why?

From the past, the DB5. My father, our Chairman Mike Harting, once brought home the car used in the filming of Goldfinger, complete with revolving number plates and a gun tray under the passenger seat. It created quite an impression on me. Also my first ride in a 1970s Lagonda was quite an experience – it felt like being in a spacecraft and looked like it had been transported back from the future. I have a strong affection for the Vanquish (because my wife finds it sexy – I'm a shallow person) but I think the current cars are the best Astons ever. From the sweet handling of the front-mid engine V8, through the long legs of the ever so versatile Rapide, to the intoxicating power of the Vanquish, we are spoilt for choice.

How long have you been with the marque?

First through my father, then as an owner and now in the business, I have been involved with Aston Martins for all my life.

What interests do you have away from HWM Aston Martin?

I love all sports, both to play and watch. I am a tennis player and age group triathlete trying to stay injury free with Bikram (hot) yoga. As mid-life crises go, triathlon is harmless but with bikes and wetsuits there's a lot of kit to manage. Fortunately a DBX will swallow it all with room to spare.

What would you say is your greatest achievement?

Helping to make HWM a great place to work, managing to attract some great talent to HWM and having guided some careers over time, both as a lawyer and now in business. I'm also quite proud of having kept a clean driving licence in all my time at HWM – it hasn't been easy!

In your opinion, who is the greatest racing driver of all time and why?

For me it's Nigel Mansell. I know that's unfashionable but he was brilliantly exciting to watch. I saw him at home and in the US and he had a wonderfully threatening presence in a racing car. He is the only person to have been reigning champion in both Formula 1 and Indycars and he had an old school bravery about him that I found utterly compelling. Of the current crop, Jenson Button is my favourite. A world-class triathlete and world champion driver, I'm a little smitten.

What was your greatest drive?

My annual indulgence is to take the latest and greatest Aston Martin to Le Mans. I have a Mexican driver's licence (it's a long story) which I gladly put at risk once a year and that combination has produced some exciting drives through northern France. Taxiing three other Aston dealers in a Rapide round the Nordschleife circuit in Germany was also good fun (at least for me!).

Guy Jenner – CEO

Guy Jenner - Chief Executive Officer

How did you get involved with Aston Martin?

I have been in the automotive industry for the whole of my career. Having always been a car enthusiast, you could say that I have petrol running through my veins. Despite having worked with Aston Martin for a good number of years, I never get bored of the sound of a V8 or V12 engine firing up in the back-ground to my office.

What is your favourite Aston Martin and why?

I am always drawn to the Vantage.  I think it is such an entertaining package.  I would therefore say the Vantage F1 Edition with carbon performance seats would be my pick.  

How long have you been with the marque?

I have been working with Aston Martin since 2008.

What interests do you have away from HWM Aston Martin?

I have a weakness for anything on two or four wheels. I enjoy road cycling and will clock up a reasonable amount of miles most weekends. I also like the odd track day whenever I get a chance.

What would you say is your greatest achievement?

Having always wanted to work with cars, it would have to be the fact that I find myself working every day surrounded by such beautiful machinery. I even get paid to be here.

In your opinion, who is the greatest racing driver of all time and why?

I happen to think that one of our most loyal race drivers, Lance Macklin, could have been one of the all time greats. As it was, he was a wonderful driver but if he had spent less of his time enjoying life off track and had turned up to practice a bit more, even Stirling Moss thought he could have been world champion!

What was your greatest drive?

I would consider the Route Napoleon to be one of Europe's finest drives. If you get a clear run, it is an incredible day of driving from Grenoble to Cannes with the kind of scenery that makes you want to turn around and do it all over again.

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