A truly special Aston Martin model, one very close to HWM.

Born out of a desire to build the purest, most beautiful interpretation of the VH chassis Aston Martin Vantage, the V600 was a very fitting end to this timelessly beautiful shape. A project that started at HWM along with a very good customer, the “Dreadnought” was born as a celebration of everything the V12 Vantage Manual delivered as a driver’s car. It was recognised that it marked the end of an era of pure, analogue supercars. It was a car that needed to be made. A run of just 7 Coupe and 7 Roadsters were built for the world.

The time and effort that has gone into the V600 is remarkable by comparison to standard road cars. The wide body has been kept clean in contours with delicate side sills, like the original 2005 Vantage, that exaggerate the width of the muscular rear arched. New contours and lines have been seamlessly integrated into the traditional Aston Martin styling ques; the power-dome bonnet with DB10 holed air vents, the new sweep side strake, the beautifully crafted (machined from solid) front grille or the unique centre-lock alloy wheels. The exterior has so many beautiful angles and features.

Dominating the whole driving experience is the Aston Martin 5.9 litre, naturally aspirated V12 engine, creating 600ps. Charismatic, muscular and full of soul, this engine breathes through quad titanium exhausts that give theDreadnought its unique tone. It is a car that sounds as good just above idle as it does reaching for the upper limits of the rev range. To make the most of the colossal power and torque, a 7 speed dog-leg gearbox is fitted. Precise and delicate, this gearbox is central to the driving experience. It offers the option to switch on or off the AM Shift facility. This system will rev-match as you change down, should you not wish to heal and toe, or also allow you to execute full throttle up-shifts. Seamless and tremendous fun.

The interior of the V600 has had huge amount of time lavished upon it. This was an opportunity to demonstrate Aston Martin’s incredible attention to detail and high levels of craftsmanship.

There are some very obvious changes to the interior that instantly delight such as the unique carbon centre console, the saddle leather strapping to the centre armrest or perhaps the rear cabins saddle leather storage bags. It is, however, a car that when you take the time to let your eyes wonder, it becomes apparent just how many bespoke features the Dreadnought enjoys; leather wrapped indicator stalks, air vents and rear view mirror, unique dials, carbon wound rotary controls to name but a few. It makes every journey a joy and give a sense of occasion that few can match. Naturally, equipment levels are at the highest possible level for Vantage with the very latest infotainment, including Apple Car Play.The V600 is undoubtedly ultra-exotica but it also has the core intention of entertaining. From delivering the most pure and intoxicating driving experience to providing sheer joy from drinking in the extraordinary time and attention that has been paid to the changes and details all around the interior and exterior. The only sad thing is that we will never be able to make a car like this again. The end of an incredible era.