Aston Martin Classic Service

Available with HWM Aston Martin

It was once said, that, history without a future is simply that. History. History with a future, however, is Heritage. Nothing could better describe the approach of HWM Aston Martin. One of only two authorised dealers to be officially appointed Heritage Specialists in the UK, HWM is able to offer a complete package for your classic Aston Martin that will protect its future value while assuring you the best driving experience.

In our dedicated Classic workshops, our technicians utilise traditional mechanical expertise to service, repair and restore all Aston Martin models from 1965 onwards, now encompassing DB7 and Vanquish models. From general servicing, to parts and upgrades, and even vehicle sales, please contact us to find out how HWM is the ideal carer for your pride & joy. After all, we have been caring for these outstanding motorcars since 1951, so surely no-one is better placed to continue to do so.