Aston Martin DBX707

The New Power Within


Step into a new height of luxury. Obsessively recrafted and programmed for the future with the vanguard of technology. The culmination of a measured blend of digital touchscreens, analogue controls, precise driver position and the kind of craftsmanship that takes a lifetime to perfect.

New Intelligence

Staying Connected

Placing Wireless Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™ and satellite navigation under the control of your touch or voice; keeping you connected to the outside world from the cockpit.

Touchscreen Technology

The premiere of touchscreens with Pure Black technology. Glowing with the highest definition display in its class. Responding to your touch in 30 milliseconds. 1,920 x 720 pixels. Bowing to your fingertips and multi-touch control with a blend of touchscreen menus and short keys with ease.

Customisable Driver Information Screen

One of two new display additions. The new 12.3” driver information screen finesses your focus and deepens your connection to the car. Customisable and crystal-cut with a new binnacle design. And with a 1 or 2 dial display putting vital information in sight, in any instance.

New Environment

The Cockpit

The all-focussing, precision of the driver’s position. Placing every control, dial and pedal around the driver. Furnished with the feel of a supercar, with the space of an SUV. Topped with a panoramic roof.

Centre Console Centricity

The crowning piece of the cockpit. The new floating centre console demands attention. Embellished with new meticulously made and knurled switches and rotary dials. Blended with high-definition digital technology. Funnelling feedback through the leather wrapped steering wheel into your fingertips.

Room for Storage

Not one cut of compromise or stitch of sacrifice. DBX707’s exterior presence is built around its interior. Truly an SUV from the inside out. Supercar ability but opening up with the stowage and usability you would expect from an SUV.

New Sound

The Halo of Sounds

A private sanctuary of sound, available as a halo option. Rising to a top of 1,600 Watts. Harmonising with the engine’s full-bodied acoustics. Using QuantumLogic Immersion™ to bend noise to your needs.

Arranged by Bowers & Wilkins

This sanctum of up to 23 speakers is created in Britain. Carefully comprising dedicated 3D headline speakers, bass speakers and a powerful subwoofer to deliver a dynamic sound experience. Expertly made by the same acoustic artists responsible for the engineering of Abbey Road Studios: Bowers & Wilkins.

Singing in Aluminium

The aluminium Double Dome tweeters and Continuum® midrange speakers match the interior jewellery of the car. Expertly developed and designed to smooth sound and avoid abrupt transitions. In symphony with stainless steel speakers for aesthetic and acoustic balance.

New Connectivity

Built with Intuition

A cabin crafted with new control. Ergonomically designed with simplicity and seamlessness in mind. Turbocharged by wireless charging. And kindled with the new intelligence of the Aston Martin app.

Joined at the app

DBX707 is reborn with the Aston Martin app. A brain that connects your car to your phone. And vice versa. An arsenal of driving intelligence. Putting the power of vehicle interaction and management in your hand, in any location. Set with clear visualisations of your cars’ status and colour-coded to communicate warnings, instantly.

Impenetrable intelligence

The new power within comes reinforced with new safety. Geofencing puts a digital leash on your car. To place instant alerts in your palm if your DBX707 leaves an area you have specified.

Exterior and Engineering

An exterior made to be centre of attention. In supreme command of every eyeball. Seething with statuesque style and a design DNA that could only ever be Aston Martin.

A power-driven epic. The luxury of 900Nm. A top speed of 193mph, dispatched by the racing-grade reactions of a wet clutch. Is it an SUV with the soul of a supercar? Or a supercar in the body of an SUV?

Grille, Front Splitter & Wheels


Once seen, never forgotten. DBX707 announces itself with the dramatic, double-vaned front grille. A declaration of presence, undimmed by horizontal daytime running lights, and drawing even more gasps from brake cooling ducts that sharpen its smile even further.

Front Splitter

DBX707 is armed with a gloss black front splitter. Visually lowering the car, without impacting the approach or departure angles. Coordinating with louvred bonnet blades and gloss black side sills to deepen this sense of sculpture. Powerfully planting its profile tighter to the ground.


Rolling with pride. DBX707 comes finished with a choice of wheel options. Surging with strength and the largest options are the 23” Fortis wheel and 23” Forged wheel. And spun and laced with dynamism is the 22” Sport wheel. Each option comes tailored to your taste with finishes from Satin Black, Gloss Black, Copper Bronze, Diamond turned and more.

Rear, Doors & Driver Assistance


The quad exhausts begin the transformation, alongside an extended rear spoiler and a profiled winged rear diffuser with aero-vortex blades. Together they imbue the car with purpose and presence, making the luxury SUV appear lower, more assertive and even more dynamic.

Doors and Mirrors

New presenting door handles power outwards when the car is unlocked, for easy access. The flush glass swivel-head door mirrors finesse your flank without impacting the aesthetics and have an expanded reflective surface for an even better view.

Driver Assistance

Attached to the new mirror design, fully integrated cameras to support the 3D Parkman park assist system. And DBX707 comes with the sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) which now features Highway Assist. To keep the driver a safe distance from others while driving on the highway.

Engine, Transmission & Powertrain


DBX707 comes built around its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. The most powerful engine of any production luxury SUV in the world. Engineered by Aston Martin. With the all-devouring 707PS that gives our protagonist its name conjuring a perfect storm of supercar performance.


Multi-plated, oil-cooled, designed for racing. Bolstered with a 9-speed ‘wet-clutch’ automatic gearbox. Firing 30% faster gear changes, handling more torque than a typical torque converter. To allow fast-as-lighting, off-the-line speed with Launch Control.


DBX707’s propshaft can withstand 900Nm of head-spinning torque. Enabling 0-62mph in 3.3s. Fused from formidable intricacy. Sculpted as a single piece. Which removes the need for a central bearing. And with it, the vibrations that would conduct through it, roll through the floor of cabin, and corrupt the feeling of the calm in the cockpit.

Chassis, Dynamics & Suspension


Programmed ESP delivers greater freedom of expression. With added improvements, the newly calibrated electronic dampers and air springs tighten body control. Realising racetrack reactions and peaking more precision within this luxury SUV.


Fine-tuning the already incredibly fine-tailored traction calibration, so you can pinpoint different degrees of power. To all four wheels. At the same time. Sports + mode still leaves you with room to drift in a way that challenges what you think an SUV can do.


DBX707 embodies a carefully tailored formula of triple chamber air suspension, electronic variable dampers and eARC anti-roll control. In GT mode, earth-smoothing, corner-straightening comfort. Finely tuned damper valves prevent squatting during Launch Control. With eARC offering stability through the body of the car.

7 Technology The DBX707 offers two digital screens, one touchscreen
O Centre Console The DBX707 introduces an all-new Centre Console
7 Grille With a 27% larger grille than DBX, 707 is instantly recognisable