V12 Vantage S Coupe

New Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Coupé 

Aston Martin’s core values of power, beauty and soul have always defined the driving experience of the Vantage range. The unique configuration of the New V12 Vantage S Coupe lets you feel these qualities with even greater clarity.  V12 Vantage S is without a doubt our most focused and dynamic model in the range.

The Drive

Distilled from a rich heritage of race car driving, the bonded aluminium platform gives the V12S phenomenal balance and rigidity.  This is very much a car that provides the pure and analogue involvement that makes it something of a rare commodity.

Vantage utilises a hydraulic power steering set up that is renowned for its clarity of feedback and absolute accuracy.  Enormously powerful carbon ceramic brakes provide dramatic retardation whilst the linearity of a naturally aspirated V12 engine gives the driver explicit feel, control and involvement.  V12 Vantage S is utterly immersive and disarming. 

An opulent cockpit

Every Vantage S Coupe is subjected to a painstaking level of craftsmanship. The benefits of dedicating care to every detail are felt immediately as you sink into the cabin. Each interior is made up of 80 panels of leather and Alcantara joined together with intricate stitching. These tactile materials feel entirely natural to use.

The AMi III is the centre console that will guide your way and keep you company during long drives. This new infotainment system features an updated Satellite Navigation programme, Bluetooth as standard, text message integration, Apple CarPlay and wireless music streaming.

The refined interface and the user-controls are more ergonomic than ever. Touch sensitive switchgear featuring haptic feedback technology lets you access your content immediately and a range of tactile finishes are available to personalise the console. 

A drive like no other

The interior, although exceptional in its design, is still simply a frill to the stunning power of the 6.0 V12, naturally aspirated engine. With enhanced low and mid-range power, the V12 Vantage S can reach a top speed of 205mph. This is one of the fastest production models Aston Martin has ever made. 

Another defining aspect to the V12 Vantage S is the gearbox options provided.  As a model that was initially introduced to go racing, the offering of a seven-speed Sportshift III transmission is no surprise.  Fast changing, lighter than a conventional automatic and dual-clutch transimissions, Sportshift III provides a true race car experience.

Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer, has been vocal about his commitment to still offering manual transmissions where appropriate in the range.  Nowhere was it more suitable than in the V12 Vantage S.  Currently the only naturally aspirated, V12 manual anywhere on sale, it really is a unique driving experience.  The 7 speed set up runs with an iconic, race orientated dog-leg format.  Aston Martin have combined this analogue experience with some clever technology. 

The AM Shift system that is integrated  with the 7 speed manual allows full throttle gear changes on the way up the box and it will automatically blip the throttle to rev match on the way back down.  If you prefer to do this yourself, the system can switched off at the touch of a button.

Despite all the visceral thrills that V12 Vantage S delivers, it also proves extremely usable.  There is an accommodating boot, a spacious cabin and cruise control for longer journeys.  Adaptive damping ensures that ride quality can remain comfortable when needed with the ability to firm up the moment driving becomes dynamic.

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