V8 Vantage S Coupe

New Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Coupé

The V8 Vantage S has total focus on feel, balance and an intoxicating soundtrack. Vantage is blessed with an extraordinary chassis, deliciously detailed steering and the kind of deep rich exhaust note that could only come from an Aston Martin V8 engine breathing through a performance exhaust.

An elegant cabin

Whilst V8 Vantage S is without doubt a thoroughly driver-orientated sports car, the interior ambience is set by Aston Martin’s traditional craftsmanship. Intricate stitching and supple leather add a natural and sumptuous feel to everything you interact with. A distinctive lightweight seat design and stitched door-card panels welcome you to a unique experience as you lower yourself inside. The comfort is noticeable but not distracting – allowing you to lose yourself on the road.

The AMi III infotainment system is intuitive and capable of a range of functions. A Satellite Navigation system, Bluetooth and text message integration are all useful accessories to assist on your journey whilst music can be streamed, wirelessly to the in car entertainment system.

There is pleasant surprise in terms of accommodation space. Vantage S boats an accommodating cabin, with room for soft luggage behind the front seats and a very spacious boot for a Coupe with such beautiful and sporty lines. Vantage S can captivate you on the most spirited of drives whilst remaining practical every day or when you escape on a grand tour.

A stunning lightweight frame 

One of the reasons why the Vantage S has such beautiful handling is that it is constructed using a bonded, lightweight aluminium chassis.  This gives the car tremendous strength and rigidity, allowing the Vantage to maintain composure and agility under extreme loads.  This strength has provided Aston Martin with years of success with the Vantage in GT racing in addition to providing exceptional crash protection. 

An exceptional drive quality 

The Vantage S remains a rarity in offering such a pure and analogue driving experience.  It is the very essence of immersive and involving driving and exists for those in search of the very best handling sports car.

At the heart beats a dry sump, 4.7-litre V8 engine that has been positioned extremely low and far back in the chassis.  In fact, so much so that the Vantage S would be considered a front, mid-engine configuration.  This assists in managing weight distribution and aids the beautiful chassis balance.

The naturally aspirated, 430bhp power plant provides linear delivery with an exciting mid-range punch, building to an intoxicating high-rev rush.  The Aston Martin performance exhaust ensures that the noise of the Vantage S is like no other.  Performance is suitably athletic with a top speed of 190mph and reach 60mph in only 4.8 seconds

Vantage S is available with a six-speed manual transmission or the 7 speed automated manual.  Further aiding balance and weight distribution, a carbon fibre prop shaft feeds the immense power from the engine to the rear-mounted gearbox. 

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