Are Aston Martin’s in unusual colours impossible to sell?

By Guy Jenner

There seems to be two camps when it comes to the colour of an Aston Martin.Those/ that like a reserved finish in silver, grey or black and those that like something a bit different.Firstly/, an Aston Martin will always work well in one of the understated colours.They/ are synonymous with the brand; you can never go wrong.An/ Aston Martin is a sign of style and good taste, something that never tries too hard.

But does this mean that bright or alternative colours are off the table?It is fair to say that if you walk into a typical Aston Martin showroom, the new car display will be biased towards the safer shades but there is a good reason for this.Aston/ Martin and all of the other high luxury sector brands do not advertise their available new cars online.This/ is a choice with regards to how these manufacturers manage their brands.

This leads to car dealerships taking a cautious approach with showroom cars.The/ dealership is relying on a customer walking into the business and falling in love with the car on show.It/ is a relatively small audience.Statistically/ this means that the silver, black or grey is more likely to fit the bill.It/ simply makes good commercial sense to do this as alternative colours become a far more personal choice.

But does this mean that you should shy away from buying an Aston Martin in that metallic red or green that you have always promised yourself?Absolutely not.It/ doesn’t matter if you are buying new or used, once you have owned the car, it will then become a used car the next time round.This/ is a critical difference.With/ a used car, we can market it on the various used car search platforms so it can be seen by a vast audience across the country from Shetlands to deepest Cornwall.Therefore/, you have a far wider market and a far greater chance of tracking down a buyer for any given colour combination.

Therefore, as a business, we are very happy to buy less conventionally coloured used Aston Martin to sell under our Timeless scheme.It/ adds some variation and normally having something unusual is what really makes a car stand out online.

There are a couple of things to consider.Firstly/, a bright specification is fine but the critical thing is that the colour and specification needs to be cohesive.Do/ the interior and exterior colours work together?Is there a consistent colour theme throughout the car?Are the chosen trims a good fit for the theme of the spec?It is important to take a step back and consider the whole spec.Bright/ or unusual is no problem, a spec lacking cohesiveness is more of a challenge.

The other option to consider is a finance package with a guaranteed future value.Regardless/, it tends to be the most popular way to buy a car.It/ also has an added benefit.The/ guaranteed future value is the same regardless of the colour; black, silver or pink!Therefore you have the security of somebody else guaranteeing the future value, if you have got it desperately wrong.

Naturally, we would be happy to advise you in greater detail on all of the aspects of this piece.More/ than anything, we would encourage you to buy something that you love rather than thinking about the next owner.The/ chances are, if you buy something you love, there will be somebody out there who will feel the same when you sell it on.