The Aston Martin DBX707

By Guy Jenner

This piece on the Aston Martin DBX707 should come with a warning. We are about to cover some extremely geeky details about this incredible car simply because it would be easy to think that the DBX707 is just the same DBX but with more power. For those of you who appreciate engineering details, you will see that it is an extremely comprehensive engineering exercise that has taken place. Aston Martin are determined to ensure the most driver-focused SUVs on the market remain at the absolute pinnacle. We are yet to drive DBX707 at this stage so we will make no claims, but from reading the specification below and knowing what a superb car the DBX550 is, it looks like DBX707 will be a staggeringly capable super-SUV. We can’t wait for the first cars to arrive.


You can’t miss the DBX707 grille combined with new front bumper. Beyond the menacing look, it has the important function of providing increased cooling capacity to the auxiliary coolers. It has increased in size by 27% and instantly identifies DBX707 as the most powerful variant of DBX. You can specify it with bright chrome grille as standard or with optional dark chrome. The front end also enjoys a new style of daytime running lights (DRL).


DBX707 is fitted with front aero extensions to the wheel arch leading edge and front splitter. These provide increased levels of downforce and drag reduction. Aero winglets might seem unusual on an SUV but DBX is capable of such huge performance that these enhancements are required to manage stability.


To match the increased performance, DBX707 is fitted with a quad exhaust system that provides an even sportier exhaust note. A nice feature of the new model is that the exhaust noise levels can be changed separately from within the cabin. The system has a 70mm diameter and is made of stainless steel.


The rear diffuser is another functional aero feature. It gives the DBX707 a distinct and extremely sporty rear end. Despite this, general usability has been protected in terms of off road departure angles and the option to fit an electrically deployable tow bar.


There is a combined air flow management package that results in a 20% reduction in lift compared to standard DBX. The features that enhance this aero performance are:

•The new front bumper and splitter, not only reduce lift and aid steering feel, air has also been channelled to cool the huge front brakes.

•Wheel arch design has been improved to reduce lift and to stabilise airflow around the wheels.

• New rear wing design.

•New under body air flow routes to reduce underbody pressure.


Cooling has also been given attention to allow the DBX707 to work at high speeds and loads for long periods. It all adds to the picture of robust engineering:

•New large grille

•Double auxiliary coolers are fitted for the new wet plate clutch, the gearbox and engine oils. Charge air coolers increase overall cooling system capacity.

•Attention has been paid to the cooling for the brakes. DBX707 has standard fit Ceramic Brakes.

•Cool air channelling to the rear differential and quad exhaust system.​


The DBX707 is the first SUV in the class to be fitted with a multi-plate wet clutch. Normally reserved for sports cars, it gives far more responsive gear changes which are 30% faster. It is also more robust with the ability to handle 30% more torque.


The DBX707 is simply the most powerful SUV. It puts out a staggering 707PS with 900Nm of torque. For some context, that is as much torque as the DBS 5.2 V12. This has been achieved with larger turbos, revised fuel and valve mapping, an updated exhaust and putting it together with incredibly precise calibration.


Aston Martin have fitted a shorter final drive ratio to DBX 707. It is now a 3.27(from3.07) delivering faster acceleration by getting more torque to the rear wheels. It also provides faster locking capacity for higher levels of traction.


Because DBX 707 is fitted with a wet clutch system, Aston Martin were able to integrate launch control. This allows DBX707 to accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.3 secs.


The enhancements in the chassis and airflow management have resulted in even more precise and communicative steering.


Transmitting the power from the 4.0 twin turbo V8 engine is the carbon fibre prop shaft which through its strength, lightness and rigidity ensures power is transferred swiftly and directly.

Carbon Ceramic Brakes (CCB)

These are standard fitment to the 707. There are numerous benefits to CCM brakes; they resist brake fade, they are lighter, more durable and produce less brake dust.

The front brakes are a huge 420mm whilst the rears are still vast at 390mm. The high performance brakes save 33kg and are able to pull 1.2g under full load.


These have been stiffened by 55% which increased overall suspension stability and control. This in turn gives sharper handling and body control without damaging ride quality.


The stability control system has been refined to be even more progressive and in the appropriate mode allow more vehicle movement and interaction.


DBX has a very advanced active body control system as standard. The DBX707 has an enhanced version that uses up to 50% more torque to control work against driving forces, giving even tighter body control and composure.


DBX707 pushes the power to weight ratio up by 28.9% over standard DBX, a car that is already incredibly swift.

•314PS/1,000kg–the highest of any SUV


Gearbox:9-speed automatic with multi-plate wet clutch

Suspension: Triple volume air suspension

Active damping system

Double split wishbone, hollow / solid cast uprights (front)

Hollow cast multi-link (rear)

Anti roll:Active Roll Control system

Differential: Active rear e-diff with revised final drive ratio (3.27)

Prop shaft: Lightweight, single piece hollow carbon fibre

Drive modes: Terrain / Individual / GT / Sport / (*) Sport+ inc launch control

Manual mode gearbox mode

(*)Revised Sport+ and ESP tunes


•New front bumper design

•New gloss black front splitter profile

•New larger front grille with bright chrome double vanes (6x2)

•New horizontal DRL design with larger air intakes and brake cooling grilles

•New gloss black double layer side sills

•New rear bumper design with integrated ¼ panel vents

•New rear winged multi-piece diffuser

•New quad exhaust tailpipes in satin black

•New rear wing carbon fibre lip spoiler

•Dark satin chrome upper pack​


Wheels:22” Sport Gloss Black DT

Tyres:22” Pirelli P-Zero / 22” Pirelli All-season (Vmax restricted to 186mph/300km/h)

23” Pirelli P-Zero (no All-season available)

Brakes: Front: 410mm x 40mm Carbon Ceramic floating discs, 6-piston, aluminium mono block calipers


•Sport Plus front seats

•16-way electrically adjustable

•‘Accelerate’ Leather/Alcantara® environment

•Heated seats (front and rear)

•Alcantara® headlining and roof blind

•Dark satin chrome interior jewellery

•Piano Black veneer

•Sport leather steering wheel

•Satin chrome designer key

•Wireless phone charging



Wheels:22” standard, 23” forged option

Tyres:22” Pirelli P-Zero summer standard, 23” Pirelli P-Zero summer option

Brakes: Front: 420mm carbon ceramic floating discs, 6-piston, aluminium mono block calipers

Rear: 380mm carbon ceramic floating discs, sliding piston aluminium calipers with integrated electric park brake

System: ESP, ABS, EBD, EBA, wet brake control