Aston Martin Flying Technician

Now available to book up to 12 months in advance.

One of the advantages of being an agile family business is that we can make quick decisions and act upon our entrepreneurial ideas. That is how the HWM Aston Martin Flying Technician came about. We had a desire to move the game on in terms of the service that we provide to our customers and this initiative seemed like a great way to make life easier for them.

The basic premise for the Flying Technician service is that we can come out to you to service your Aston Martin. We are able to look after all of the modern range and any car built from the Gaydon era onwards. The service carried out is a full Aston Martin service and gets the official stamp in the service book. Other than a modest callout charge, the cost is the same.

We also cover all over the mainland in the UK. We have carried out an Aston Martin service in so many locations from Scotland to Cornwall.

Our customers use our Flying Technician service for a number of reasons:

• Their Aston Martin is kept beautifully detailed and they don’t want it driven to the dealer in poor weather – we can just come and service the car on site.

• The car is kept at a storage facility – we just go straight to the storage facility and work on the car at the premises.

• Some customers just like to drive into work, allow the Flying Technician to carry out the service at their business and then they drive home in their Aston Martinthe same day, with no disruption.

• They may have a long drive to an Aston Martin dealership.

• They may have multiple Aston Martin’s that need servicing which we can do altogether

We have also thought very carefully about our set up. We have a very high specification Flying Technician van that allows us to be totally self-sufficient. Beyond having all the necessary tools inside, it also has a toilet, kitchen, shower and bed. This means that other that needing your car key, our technician does not need to enter your premises. This has proven a real benefit during our recent challenges with COVID-19.

It should also be pointed out that we have all of the necessary equipment to protect your drive and protect ourselves from bad weather with a full awning set up on the side of the van.

Overall, those that have used the Flying Technician have been really happy with the experience. It is a service that makes life easier for our customers and this even extends to the booking process. You can either call us or use our online booking system at

Should you have any specific questions about our Flying Technician, you are welcome to calls us or see FAQs on our website. It also has all of the pricing details too.