Ten Great Things You Need To Know About DBX

By Guy Jenner

The DBX is a hugely significant car for Aston Martin. It is a vehicle that, as a company, they have invested every drop of knowledge and know-how in to create Aston Martin’s interpretation of the ultimate SUV.

He are 10 thing that we think are wonderful about the DBX:

1. The engine is a powerful, lightweight unit sourced from AMG. Each engine is hand-built to Aston Martin’s specification. It is made fromwith atwin-turbo V8, quad-cam, 32 valve configuration. One engineer builds the engine from start to finish to ensure consistency of quality. It is produces 550PS and 700Nm of torque and also features a cylinder deactivation mode to improve efficiency when cruising.

2. This lightweight engine is front mid-mountedwith the gearbox mounted next to it to deliver the lowest package heightand optimum weight distribution. The 9 speed auto features redline hold.

3. DBX is the best handling car in the SUV segment. This is for many reasons but for starters, at 2,245kg (DIN) kerb weight, it is among the lightest SUV in the segment.

4. DBX has superb weight distribution. It is a class leading 53.6% fron and 46.4% rear. This assist with giving DBX superb, agile handling.

5. Whist the DBX can give a very comfortable, quiet ride, during Nurburgring endurance testing the DBX is said to have achievedcornering speeds on par with Vantage and shorter braking distances than the DBS Superleggera.

6. Aston Martin created a completely unique platform for DBX (most SUVs in the segment platform share). This allowed Aston Martin to ensure it has the highest possible spec to ensure a superb drive. It isa rear wheel drive bias – up to 100% of torque can be sent to the rear – which means those who are used to driving sports or GT cars will feel instantly at home. It will then feed power to the front wheels the moment it is required.

7. It also has extremely advanced triple chamber air suspension with adaptive damping. This can give anything from a soft, comfortable ride for cruising to a firm dynamic ride that gives incredible body control. The ride height is variable by up to 95mm (raised +45mm in Terrain+ mode or lowered50mm in Access mode). DBX is incredibly capable off-road for those that need leave the tarmac.

8. Whilst DBX undoubtedly provides a dynamic drive, it is great at the practical tasks. It has the largest interior and boot in class with 638-litres of storage behind the rear seats (floor to

headlining volume). It has 491-litres of storage under the load cover (floor to load

cover) and 81-litres of underfloor storage enabling discreet storage when not optioned with a space saver wheel. You will also get 3 sets of golf clubs in with long drivers. Finally the advanced suspension allows the body to be dropped 50mm via a button in the boot to assist with loading heavy or awkward items. The rear seats have 40/20/40 spit folding with a ski hatch. You can fold them electrically with the press of a button.

9. DBX is a great tow car. A detachable tow bar is a factory option that allows DBX to tow up to 2,700kg with a braked trailer. It automatically adjusts the stability control to manage the extra mass along with employing a trailer sway mitigation system. The rear view camera allows a clear view of the towing hitch and the rear parking sensors deactivate once the car is towing.

10. There is great technology fitted to DBX. Features include (deep breath):



Wireless music streaming & DAB

Wireless phone charging

Apple car play and Android Auto

Optional Premium Aston Martin audio system 790 watts power output, 13 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

360 degree parking camera

Adaptive cruise control – works superbly can be set to follow speed limit of road travelled

Safety – everything is standard:

Blind spot warning and door exit warning

Lane departure warning and lane keep assist

Sign recognition – speed limits, no overtaking waring, warning of entering a one way street. Recognises signs when abroad

Rear traffic warning sensor

In summary, the DBX has been built to not only provide the best driving experience in class, it also covers the practical duties. It is huge inside with a high spec and is extremely comfortable and quiet on a long drive. Nevertheless, when you get to a twisty road, it really is in a different class.