The New F1 Safety Car Is Available to Buy!

Guy Jenner

You may have noticed that Aston Martin have introduced a rather handsome looking safety car for the 2021 F1 season. If you remove the orange lights on the roof and various stickers, what lies beneath is the new Vantage F1 Edition.

This is the first model release under the leadership of Lawrence Stroll and Tobias Moers, the F1 Edition shows the intent and focus of the company. This new model increases performance, driver enjoyment and the overall Vantage package for a relatively modest increase in price.

Rumoured to have a list price of £142,000, the F1 Edition will provide increased power of 527bhp (535ps) and a top speed of 195mph. With a lot of chassis development and engineering taking place at the Nurburgring, it was only right to have a target lap time for the Nordschleife. Moers set the engineering team a challenge of getting to 7mins 30 without degrading the overall driving experience or and without using non-standard tyres. This 17.5 miles loop is taken very seriously by sports car manufacturers simply because there is nowhere else in the world that you can test a high performance cars ability over such a range of corners and different surfaces. It combines the best and worst of so many real roads and will normally quickly show up a weakness in any poorly developed chassis. The exact time will be confirmed in early spring but anything in the region of 7.5 mins is very quick, 2 seconds faster than a Porsche 991 GT3.

Enhancements to the chassis have been an important part of the development for the F1 Edition. Matt Becker (Chief Engineer) and his team are renowned for making cars drive superbly. They have worked the spring, damper settings, aero and steering to create a car that is even more dynamic and fun with higher levels of grip. Further assisting the chassis are the new 21” wheels (standard Vantage runs 20”) and specifically developed Pirelli P Zero tyres. These complement the new stance and full aero kit which provides 200kg more downforce to really clamp the car to the road.

First F1 Editions are likely to arrive in late June. Whilst there is optional equipment available, it comes with a very high standard specification which makes the price look even more enticing. It can be ordered in the new F1 Aston Martin Racing Green, Jet Black or Lunar White. Interestingly, as a no cost option, you can have any of the colours in a factory satin finish. We think it might be faster in green.

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