Aston Martin DBX707

We know that the DBX707 is a phenomenal car; an SUV that has 900Nm of torque, a top speed of 193mph, a 0-60 of 3.1 seconds and of course 707ps is unlikely to be described as anything but. However, in the car world, these statistics do not always translate to the vehicle in question being a practical family car. Stuart has been with HWM as an Aston Martin Sales Executive for over ten years. It’s safe to say that in this time, Stuart has experienced many miles in Aston Martins, including the DBX707. Join Stuart as he shares ten details about the DBX707 that he personally feels assists the driver’s and passenger’s experience in the car on a practical level. Some of these details are not at all obvious just looking at the DBX707, so we hope you learn something new about this incredible car!

Number One: Hidden Door Seals

Number Two: Soft door close

Number Three: Rear Swan Lift Doors

Number Four: Gesture Control

Number Five: Choice of Seats

Number Six: Panoramic Roof and Blackout Blind

Number Seven: Radar Guided Cruise Control

Number Eight: Apple Car Play

Number Nine: One-touch Park Assist

Number Ten: Cold start option

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