Aston Martin LM4


Built in 1930 with the sole focus of heading for the race track, LM4 was a Works spec thoroughbred through and through.  Highly praised for its pleasing aesthetics, it was described as “one of the nicest looking racing Aston-Martins ever to emerge from the Feltham works” in Inman Hunter’s book (ASTON MARTIN 1913-1947).  An era when the Aston Martin factory was situated just a short drive from HWM in Walton on Thames.

For a brand new car in 1930, LM4 managed to exceed all expectations with its first race. ‘Bert’ Bertelli and Holder drove LM4 to achieve 2nd in class and 4th overall at the 1930’s Brooklands Double Twelve. The results continued; Sammy Davis drove LM4 to achieve 1st and 7th in class at the Irish Grand Prix.   In 1932, LM4 once again took a prominent stand. Cookson, the LM4’s new owner, accomplished 2nd and 3rd place on handicap, followed by a Premier Award and Special Award at Brooklands once more.

As seen with LM3 and LM5 models, Aston Martin generally altered the bodies of their Works cars to 2/4 seat coachwork structures. These were usually reformed into the same body formats as their main production cars, in an attempt to appeal to a larger audience. It is therefore tremendously significant to be able to enjoy LM4 in an original, preserved format. This only adds to the allure of such a historic car.

LM4 was completely re-built in the late 1990s to a very high standard; all the unique factory-lightened castings were retained. The car as a whole has maintained its originality whilst remaining practical; the bodywork has a charmingly oxidised tinge - testifying to its impressive history, whilst maintaining its usability. The engine was re-built to its full racing specification by Ecurie Bertelli. However, the original engine has been kept with the car, making it possible to re-build if desired.

After this restoration, LM4 proved that age is just a number. It enjoyed outings at Le Mans Classic back in 2002, 2004 and 2006. The 2006 race was piloted by Dr Ulrich Bez, the then current CEO of Aston Martin. LM4 may have been the only Aston Martin to have been raced by two of the company’s CEOs.

HWM is delighted to offer the rare opportunity of acquiring an Aston Martin Team Car. LM4 is a practical, fast and light car steeped in history and competition success. So much so, that LM4 is always welcome at the best events; including Monaco F1, Le Mans Classic and of course, Goodwood. Congratulations in advance to the new owner - he or she is in for a fantastic experience.