Aston Martin Rapide Concept (2006)

In 2006 at the Detroit Motor Show Aston Martin demonstrated the flexibility of its ‘VH’ platform by unveiling a four-door car with the performance of its sports cars.

The ‘VH’ platform was made of extruded aluminium sections which could easily be modified in length and width allowing a flexible basis across the whole range.

Whilst the construction method was cutting edge the name recalled the hey days of the fast Lagonda saloons of the 1930s and 1960s.

The concept was based on a DB9 powertrain, meaning it was a working car, but featured design features that did not make it to the final production car 3 years later. Most striking of these is the polycarbonate roof and the chess set/ mini bar in the boot. More practical were the carbon ceramic brakes and LED headlamps which would take a few more years to appear on production cars.

Like many concepts once its time in the sun was over the Rapide Concept was put away in storage to gather dust. In 2019 it was transferred into the permanent care of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust before being brought back to life by HWM.