Sir Stirling Moss Sadly Passes Away

12th April 2020

We are deeply saddened to hear the news that Sir Stirling Moss has passed away on Sunday 12th April 2020.Stirling was a truly remarkable talent whose peak career took place in one of the most dangerous and exciting periods of motorsport.Stirling’s natural talent allowed him to survive and thrive through a remarkable period.His achievements are too many to list.He shall be remembered as one of the finest ever drivers to grace the racing scene.

Just as importantly, Stirling will also be remembered for the way that he conducted himself.Always incredibly professional in his approach, he was a man who always respected sportsmanship and was an absolute gentleman with it.He earned the respect and adoration of fans all around the world and has always been revered within our business.

HWM is honoured to have Stirling Moss make up part of our history as a race team and constructor.His first professional drives were with the HWM team and as you would expect, he was incredible.It was a period that put HWM on map across Europe, fighting the larger race teams such as Ferrari and Maserati.Some true David vs Goliath moments took place on the race tracks of Europe where Stirling would keep up with much faster machinery through sheer talent and also by learning the art of slipstreaming.Despite being at the start of his career, it was rarely the case that Stirling put a foot wrong.A true legend.

Stirling maintained his relationship with HWM and even remained a customer.The last car he purchased was a racing green Aston Martin Cygnet for driving around London.

RIP Sir Stirling.